June 17, 2009

Go ahead. Say it.


I know. Aren’t they so stinkin cute? I’ve been fostering these 3 mini dachshund pups for 2 weeks now. They were removed from an abusive home (seriously, people suck. Is it any wonder I‘m a hermit?) They’re the sweetest little things in the world, but they’re a handful. If I’m not feeding them or cleaning up their poop, they’re begging at my feet to be held or played with. They’ll stay with me for another 2 weeks until they’re strong enough to get their first shots and then they’ll move to their forever homes. I’m so glad my sister wants to adopt the special needs pup (the tiny one in the last pic who was severely malnourished) because I’ve gotten so attached to her and I just can’t adopt any more pets - we have 6 already! That’s the hard part of fostering. You want to keep them all but you just can’t.

Weight-wise I’ve been maintaining around 310 for almost a month. Kind of frustrating, but it’s my own doing. I breeze along just fine for a few days and then my nephews stay over and it’s a grazeapalooza. They make popcorn, I have a handful. They roast s‘mores, I partake in a few. They get iced capps, I get a small with 2%. Nothing horrible, but my body has this amazing ability to turn 1,000 extra calories into a 5 lb gain. Such fun, that. It vanishes within a few days - just in time for another graze-a-thon with the boys. Bad cycle.

I told them to bring their bikes next time and we’ll head over to the local trail, hopefully a couple hours of exercise will negate the grazing I know full well I’ll be doing. We’ll see if that approach works. Can't hurt.


  1. They are precious! I had to quit fostering because I adopted the critters I fostered. (kitties)

    "my body has this amazing ability to turn 1,000 extra calories into a 5 lb gain"

    What is up with that? I will never understand how that works. It's so hard to lose, and just a tiny bit over with calories, whomp, huge gain. It stinks!

  2. They are beautiful! I fostered a litter of 4 once and boy it is a handful! I adopted one of my fosters. Now with the business I just don't have the time they deserve but I miss it! Pups are the best! Enjoy them :)

    I have to be spot on with my food too, the little extra's are 5lb gains for me too. Sucks!!