April 23, 2009

Monthly Weigh-In

A day early, but whatever!

Mar 24: 325 lbs
Apr 23: 316 lbs (-9 lb)

It’s been 2 months and -19 lbs since I started this little blog about my plateau-busting endeavor and I’m very happy with my weight loss considering I‘ve been totally slack with the exercise side of things (I know, I know!) I think I have to admit to myself that I wasn’t on a plateau all of those months, after all. I was just eating too much. Not enough to gain, but not enough to lose. I was nibbling at night and guessing at the amounts I was eating when it came to tracking it in my food journal. No longer. Night time eating is out, I utilize my food scale as often as possible, and strive to be accurate with my journal. It's working, obviously.

It’s warming up here and I’ll be getting in lots of exercise outside soon, constant yard work being the joy of living on a farm. For once I'm looking forward to it. This is the first year in a very long time that I actually have the energy to do things and not only do them, but ENJOY doing them. Imagine that!

April 15, 2009

I ate my 1040

So like I usually do, I add my calories up in my food journal at the end of the day and got a huge laugh out of the fact todays calories were exactly 1040. Get it? On tax day! INORITE? Hilarity. Yeah, that’s less than I normally eat, but I just wasn’t hungry today and wasn’t about to force myself to eat when my body says "No". I spent far too long ignoring the old gal, and life has been better (and…funnier?!) since I started treating her with respect.

That lighter moment was much appreciated, I’ve been seriously mopey lately because of the positively dreary weather. A week of cold grey skies. I need some sunshine! Fresh air! Even if I don’t/can’t go out to enjoy it, I like knowing I could

April 06, 2009

Finding my exercise niche

So, I haven’t done The Shred for a couple weeks now. I have no idea why other than we‘re not a good match for each other. I found myself having to modify nearly everything and just sort of thought, “meh. I’m not cut out for this yet” maybe I’ll try it again at a later date when I‘m down some more el bees. I’m still hopping on the Wii even though it’s not the ideal fat blasting machine. Great for yoga and balance stuff though, so I’ll keep at it. What I need is a calorie burner that I enjoy. Walking seems like a nice fit but I hate that it’s dependent on the weather. Some days I would kill to go for a walk but its raining (and this is a problem because I have to walk in our fields, no pavement out here in the boonies besides the busy state route) and yet other days I’m having an anxiety flare up and leaving the house is an impossibility no matter the weather. A treadmill would take care of both of these issues but have I mentioned I‘m an artist? Yeah, I have no monies. Maybe I can find one at a garage sale this year. I would love that. Other than that I have no idea what else I could do. I'd love ideas, If anyone has some!

Also. I'm 320!!! After being stuck in the 30’s for so long it seems like I flew through the 20’s this past month. I can’t believe how close I am to the 200’s. For so long it seemed like such a far away dream, and now here it is - maybe 8-10 weeks from happening. So, so, so exciting for me!

April 01, 2009

I’m going shopping for some new clothes this weekend. I put it off for many months, but after cutting up 2 more of my old shirts this week for use as future rags, my penny pinching self can no longer deny the fact I need some new clothes. Mainly shirts. Okay, ONLY shirts. See, I have a freakishly shaped body. I can look at before and now pictures and see that I have indeed lost all over, but I swear most of it has come from my waist and bust area while my hips and butt pop out like biscuits exploding from a can. Not the best look. I’m loving that I’m wearing size 20/22 shirts (the same size as my sister who weighs 100 lbs less than I do!) but pants are ridiculous. The ones that fit over my hips and butt look clownish due to how baggy they are over my legs. Ah well. Should be fun getting some new shirts, at least. I know most women can’t wait to get OUT of the plus size section in stores, but I couldn’t wait to GET IN! And now I am! Well, my top half is in, anyway. The ass will follow. Someday.

Scale news:

I’ve been hanging around 325 for about 10 days now and that’s okay with me. As long as the scale keeps moving in a downwardly fashion, no matter how slow, I’ll be happy. Seriously. After the hellacious plateau I had, I wont take a single ounce I lose for granted.

Off I go to walk the furbabies.