May 27, 2009

I survived. Not sure if the scale is going to be nice to me on the 1rst though, but after this blah month, I’ll be happy with just maintaining.

I had a couple of NSVs (Non-Scale Victories for those of you who, like me, are totally out of the abbreviations/slang loop and have to frequently ask Google to explain.) Now that it’s warm out, we’ve pulled all the lawn chairs out of storage and I was thrilled to discover MY ASS FITS!! In CHAIRS! With ARM RESTS! Nothing is more terrifying than a chair with arm rests when you’re very obese (except maybe turnstiles, but anyway) I decided to try out every chair I came across this week and I’ve fit in every single one. I was feeling so damn good about that I decided to take my nephews to the movies, knowing I could finally fit comfortably in the chairs (I hadn’t been since 2003 when I came out with bruises from where the arm rests dug into me) Man, it was great being able to enjoy the movie comfortably. They’ve already talked me into taking them back next month for Transformers 2. But seriously, I’ll be smuggling popcorn and drinks in my purse because OMG $25 for 3 watered down drinks and a bag of stale popcorn? Never again!

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