March 24, 2009

A month later

A month ago today I set out to (attempt) to destroy an over 4 month long frustrating-as-hell plateau. I started exercising about 30 minutes a day and cut back my caloric intake by about 20%. After over 2 weeks and no loss I was feeling a bit discouraged. And worried. Worried that over the past year I had lost all the weight my body would "let" me lose and this was where I was destined to stay forever. 335 lbs for eternity. The cruelty! I knew logically that wasn’t true. I’ve seen others lose just as much if not more than I want to, but that’s them. That’s their body. What if mine can’t do it? I know *I* have the will and determination to get there, it’s my body that I worry about and its long history of not functioning as a normal body should. I pushed on anyway because that’s my only option, forever 335 or not, I feel too good to revert back to my old lifestyle and the misery it contained. I’m thrilled to report I’m down to 325lbs now. A 10 lb loss! It all came off in the past 2 weeks, as if my body fought with all its might to hold on to those lbs early on, only surrendering when it became apparent it had no other choice. Battle of the bulge indeed.

I apologize for the lack of updates, I'm still getting a feel for this whole blogging thing. I feel unsure of myself and insecure sharing a deeply personal struggle with others, but I'm doing this for me and I promised myself I'd keep posting, so I will do my best.

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