April 01, 2009

I’m going shopping for some new clothes this weekend. I put it off for many months, but after cutting up 2 more of my old shirts this week for use as future rags, my penny pinching self can no longer deny the fact I need some new clothes. Mainly shirts. Okay, ONLY shirts. See, I have a freakishly shaped body. I can look at before and now pictures and see that I have indeed lost all over, but I swear most of it has come from my waist and bust area while my hips and butt pop out like biscuits exploding from a can. Not the best look. I’m loving that I’m wearing size 20/22 shirts (the same size as my sister who weighs 100 lbs less than I do!) but pants are ridiculous. The ones that fit over my hips and butt look clownish due to how baggy they are over my legs. Ah well. Should be fun getting some new shirts, at least. I know most women can’t wait to get OUT of the plus size section in stores, but I couldn’t wait to GET IN! And now I am! Well, my top half is in, anyway. The ass will follow. Someday.

Scale news:

I’ve been hanging around 325 for about 10 days now and that’s okay with me. As long as the scale keeps moving in a downwardly fashion, no matter how slow, I’ll be happy. Seriously. After the hellacious plateau I had, I wont take a single ounce I lose for granted.

Off I go to walk the furbabies.

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