February 26, 2009

Too Fat for Wii Fit

The farther north you are of 250 lbs the more you have to deal with weight capacity limitations, so I did my research before buying the Wii Fit last October and knew that with a weight limit of 330 lbs, I wouldn't be able to use it right off. It's disappointing, but a reality you get used to when you're Just Too Fat. I thought it'd be a great motivation. After all, I was so close - just 10 lbs over the limit. Yet here I am, almost 5 months later, and I’m STILL in the 330’s, still unable to use the damn thing.

But not for much longer. Oh no. Soon, so very soon, I will step on it and no longer see the message below. I’m getting kind of excited. Scales can differ 2 or 3 lbs, so I’ve gotten it out every morning this week, hoping against hope it’d finally let me on. I hold my breath, step on, and anxiously watch the screen, listening as it beeps and analyzes me much like the overly dramatic weigh-ins on the Biggest Loser, just dying to see what it'll say. Beep. Beep. Beep. Come on already!

Damn it.
Argh. Story of my life.

You can bet when I see the glorious 329 I’ll be sharing my joy here. After I hula-hoop. And ski.

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